Early pirootin' days. One time Pyrates Long Gone John and Roadkill pose with Water Rat and a Hi-Yu princess, shortly after coming ashore by landing craft.

Weyerhaueser had the good sense to host a pirate party for the company's best of the best. We were tapped to provide entertainment and run the event, which included a treasure hunt, an island party and pirate games. Managing 250 slightly imbibed mill workers and 25 swaggering pirates was quite a task. But it came off amazingly well - the mill folks said it was the best event the company ever had.

Who would think that a place like Weyerhaueser would think like pirates? Here's our gang of renegades as we prepare to raid the company's meeting.

Spitfire and Hurricane with the Quebec fencers.

New Orleans isn't the only place that has Mardi Gras. The Tri-County area of Texas, around Port Arthur, hosts a great shindig, too. They invited us down to play pirate for them one year, including numerous visits to area schools, stage performances and hob-nobs with the rich and famous. Pirates were imported from all over, including our fencer friends from Quebec (pictured) and fire eater Prince Lightning.