Pirates in Paradise 2004 - Key West

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Worried about his crewe, Hurricane makes sure Sheila's life preserver is fully inflated prior to departure.


Diosa, Sir Nigel, Hurricane and Sheila posed aboard the Wolf at sunset. Yes, those are the real colors of the sky...

Nigel entertains the throngs at Mallory Square with his rendition of "Being a Pirate."

The Pyrates, Jack Sparrow, Yellowbeard and Isabelle battle over the reamaining rum aboard ship.

The crewe continues to throw their hard earned money away - this time into the mouth of the grouper that hangs above Captain Tony's entrance. Black Skot did it on the first try, by the way.

The Pyrates band entertains unwary guests (yes, they were awake) at Banana Bay.

Animal and Merrydeath pose at the fort in The Pyrates vendor booth. 

The Black Widow appears before our very eyes. A vision of loveliness...

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