Pirates in Paradise 2003 - Key West

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Bawdy Be becomes an honorary Pyrates of the Coast Captain.

The Rusty Cutlasses, Yellowbeard and Bawdy Be entertain the crowd at the Historic Seaport.

Bullseye muscles in on a fellow pirate's gimmick - passed out dockside.


One of our jolly mates from the Port Royal Privateers, Capt. Michael MacLeod.

Madam M becomes an honorary Captain with the Pyrates of the Coast. From left to right, Sir Nigel, Madam M, Spitfire, Hurricane and Sheila. The headless kid is Bullseye.

Sloe Gin poses with some of our Pirate Pub Run survivors in front of the Western Union dock.

Master Studley snears at the thought of having another round of grog (not!).

Bullseye and Bawdy Be get married.

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