Pirates in Paradise 2003 - Key West

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Sloe Gin poses with some new recruits.

Olaf and Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Boobs plot their next adventure.

Mary Read and Anne Bonny are carted off to trial at the courthouse


Olaf and his vat of wicked brew at Banana Bay.

Hurricane tells his tale of averting disaster as he tried to walk on water at the Banana Bay pool, with Nigel's guitar in hand.

Using their piratical powers of persuasion, the Pyrates get invited to an intimite concert by Jimmy Buffett at Margaritaville.

Jimmy does one of his new songs from the upcoming Conchy Tonk.

Hurricane and Spitfire, mesmorized by the luck of a private concert. Spitfire and Bullseye later met him at the studio and Sloe Gin got to escort him to one of the thieve's market booths.

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