Captain Morgan Actor

A pirate re-enactor for the last 22 years, Robb Zerr brings the legendary Sir Henry Morgan to life during his many personal appearances as well as on stage and in film and video.

While many play the popular Captain Morgan of rum bottle fame – that partying rum toting rogue at festivals – Robb portrays the real Sir Henry Morgan, famed military strategist, Admiral of the Black, sacker of Panama, Lt. Governor of Jamaica and knight.

The life of Henry Morgan

Born in 1635 to a prosperous Welsh-farming family, Henry settled around 1660 in Britain's newly acquired Jamaica. By 1668, he was vice-admiral over 15 ships and the elected successor to Edward Mansfield, who headed all piracy based in Jamaica. In that same year, Morgan began a series of large-scale raids in Central America that secured his place as the greatest buccaneer of all: Puerto Principe, Cuba, Porto Bello, Panama (both in 1668), Maracaibo, Venezuela (1669) and the sack of Panama (1670). His tactics were unlike any of those of his time and he proved far more successful in his land campaigns than his sea going ventures. He is almost single handedly responsible for keeping Jamaica out of the hands of foreign powers and his influence was felt from Florida to South America.

Robb's Portrayal of Henry

Robb's interest in Henry Morgan as a visionary and influential leader, not only of the buccaneers and pirates, but also as a politician and military leader, began during a visit to Port Royal, Jamaica. Whether he was dressed in civvies or pirate gear, residents of the one time wickedest city in the world kept referring to him as Captain Morgan or Henry. One woman even stopped him in the street to say that he "had the look of generations of being in Port Royal."

So he began his research on Sir Henry and his many expeditions and exploits - factual and fictional. And that led him to develop the persona that is about as close to Sir Henry Morgan as possible. This journey came full circle when he returned to Port Royal again, this time with the moustache, goatee and longer mane of hair. The locals appreciated him bringing to life this legend in Port Royal's long history.

There are few if any actual portraits of Henry Morgan, done during his lifetime and equally few descriptions of his stature or physical features. He was known to use a walking stick when he walked, which Robb uses in his portrayal. Morgan was known to be a bit stocky in build, which Robb has perfected through intense culinary training.


Robb is available for appearances throughout the U.S. and abroad as well as location shoots for film and video projects. Rates depend on the project. Please email Robb at for more information.


Height: 6'
Weight: 255
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Other: Has own costumes, including period attire suitable for the 1650 to 1688 period. Can play guitar and banjo. Has appeared in film and video projects, including documentaries, music videos and stage plays.