A Pirate's Life For Us

How could you not love a weekend on the beach, pillaging and plundering and serving the community at the same time. Plenty of fun for hardcore and casual pirates alike, including a pub run, ball and lots of shenanigans. It's where Hurricane fell in love with Krimson Kat as well. Learn more about A Pirate's Life....

Rusty Scuppers Pyrate Daze

One of the best pirate festivals in the nation, held every June in Westport, Washington. How can you beat gunfire in the streets, Kiddie Pyrate Olympics, entertainment and hundreds of pirates. Come to Rusty Scuppers.

Mel Fisher's Maritime Museum

If you love treasure (and what pirate doesn't) you have to visit this museum when you're in Key West. This is KW's best nautical museum experience, with real treasure, artifacts and stories to tell. Amazing stuff! If you've ever seen actors lift a gold bullion bar in the movies like its made of paper mache, lift the little one here. You won't believe how heavy a little gold is. No wonder pirates were angry all the time -- carrying all that heavy treasure here and there. Visit Mel Fisher's online now.

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Just say "argh" and check out their site at Talk Like a Pirate Day site .

Hyperpirate Links

We encourage all pirates across the Seven Seas to stop by Jas. Townsend & Sons Web site to view the latest in pirate and period garb. Good prices and authentic items that will breath the life back into any landlubber's britches. They can even handle orders on-line. Just click and give them yer vitals. Don't forget to have enough doubloons in yer sea chest, lads and lassies!

The recovered pirate vessel, The Whydah, has its own Web site now. To date, more than 110,000 artifacts have been recovered from the site. They have also begun work on an online catalog and newsletter. It's all online at the Whydah.

Pyrate History

The Pirate's Realm - This well-rounded look at piracy includes biographies of famous pirates, articles of agreement, pirate ships, havens, weaponry, vocabulary, crew members, and more.

Pirates! Fact and Legend - Great site on the history of pirates and their lifestyle. Interesting diagrams on how much compensation a pirate received for the loss of a limb and the parts of a ship.

Pirates of the Caribbean - A wealth of information on pirates, including a detailed look at their weaponry, ships, and haunts. Detailed explanations on punishments, especially keel hauling.

Port Royal Project - Texas A&M - Institute of Underwater Archeology 

Sailing Ships

Topsail Schooner Alvei - main topsail schooner sailing the world's oceans -

American Pride 3-masted schooner docked in Long Beach, CA 

Barque Elissa at Texas Seaport Museum 

Californian, 1848 revenue cutter replica -- California's official tallship -

Duyfken 1606 Replica Foundation - replica of Australia's 1st known European visitor

Gazela - Philadelphia's Tall Ship, barkentine -

Golden Hind - replica of Drake's ship in replica in Brixham, Devon -

Gstheborg - East Indiaman sailing ship under construction in Sweden (in Swedish)

Hawaiian Chieftain, Grays Harbor Hist. Seaport, in Washington

Hermione - a reconstruction of Lafayette's ship

"HMS" Rose - replica of the vessel that caused the birth of the U.S. Navy-

HMS Frigate Unicorn - early 19th c. frigate -

HMS Victory - pride of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, England -

Lady Washington, Grays Harbor Hist. Seaport, in Washington

Mary Rose, 16th C. warship raised from the seafloor in Portsmouth, England

Mystic Whaler - traditional windjammer

Mystic Seaport, home of many historic vessels

Privateer Lynx, topsail schooner, under construction, a War of 1812 replica 

Privateer Rattlesnake, 1780 ship replica in Florida -

Schooner Wolf - schooner in Key West 

Stad Amsterdam - Dutch site with English version

Star of India, World's oldest active ship in San Diego, CA

Swift of Ipswitch, topsail schooner, L. A. Maritime Inst., CA

USS Constellation, official website of the sloop of war, Baltimore, MD -

Vasa, Swedish royal warship