Become a pirate!
(or look just like one)

The Pyrates of the Coast are currently recruiting pirates and wenches to ply the waters of the Pacific Northwest. If you're billeted in this area or don't mind a bit of driving to voyage with us, we invite you to cast your lot with the crewe. We are headquartered in the Seattle area but travel all over, including a voyage or two to the Caribbean on occasion.

We already have a dozen or so pirates and wenches on board and are looking for many more. If you like to work with people, have a flair for being a ham, can think on your feet, look good in poofy shirts or plunging bodices, then you may want to join our ranks.

Voyages come up regularly and they are on a volunteer basis. Some of the possibilities include local retirement home appearances, pirate festivals throughout Florida, various nautical and non-nautical festivals in the area - whatever we want to do. And of course, there are out of town shots as well.

To sign up with The Pyrates, simply fill in the form below and our Captain will see if you're fit for duty! If you are, we're invite you along on a voyage so you can see if you like us and we can seehow you fit in with us. If it's a match, we add you to the official crewe. Yes, it's that simple.






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