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Clients & Events

Spirit Mountain Casino VIP Party

The Pyrates of the Coast were hired to entertain the casino's high rollers at a stellar event for 350. We wrote a highly interactive script, complete with sword fights, betrayal, a tryal, guilty "volunteer" pirates and a surprise ending. The script was filled with jokes about gambling and the life of a pirate, all localized to the Oregon locale. There was a case of nine who performed the show as well as served as hosts of the next evenings 15th anniversary party, which was pirate themed.

GENCO's Great Pirate Party

Where does one begin? Located in Pittsburgh, GENCO contacted us to help them out with an event down here in our own backyard. We created and performed a custom pirate play, complete with a cast of 12, sets, props and stunts. We also posed for photos in a treasure room we designed and built, worked with the client to develop much of the themed event itself and even served as the drayage and construction wing for the who shebang. And even fighting gale force winds along the Atlantic shores, we still managed to pull it off and all the guests (and the client) had a great time.

Horatio Hornblower Promotion, A&E Channel

The Pyrates were brought down to San Francisco to help promote the mini series for A&E. The crewe performed along the waterfront with other pirate groups, posed for photos, handed out promotional items for the series and interacted with the gathered audience. The pirate band was at the ready to provide an impromptu sing along on the docks. The crewe also participated in a rousing sea battle between the Lady Washington (the Interceptor) and the Hawaiian Chieftain.

ASET Convention

The Pyrates were hired to serve as an ice breaker during the cocktail hour. They roamed among the convention guests, talking to small groups, handing out trinkets, singing impromptu songs – promoting a relaxed atmosphere prior to dinner. The pirates and wenches usually keep appearances pretty fluid, relying on the atmosphere of the event and input from the audience to set the tone. The group was so successful that they were asked to perform throughout the buffet dinner. Originally hired to a 45 minute appearance, the performance stretched into a four hour show without a break. Organizers said they had never seen their guests have such a great time at a convention. And management at the Westin-Seattle asked The Pyrates to do another hour in the lobby for hotel guests.

Weyerhaeuser QI Meeting

The Pyrates worked closely with the event's organizers to recreate a pirate encampment at the Kiana Lodge. The pirates captured the buses that were to transport the employees to a diversionary event, took everyone to Shilshole Marina and then escorted them onto a "captured" cruise ship. There, everyone was handed booty (coins for drinks and dinner at the lodge) and made honorary pirates. The honorary ceremony is very funny and includes official piratephenalia and a souvenir certificate. Once on the island, the "Weyerhaeuser Pirates" were pressed into service to locate the treasure. 120 clues were hidden by the pirates on the lodge's grounds and teams solved cryptic clues to find the treasure, which was then divided aboard ship. Entertainment was provided by a pirate fire breather from Connecticut.

Sheet Metal Convention, Canada

The Pyrates were brought into to serve as entertainment and goodwill ambassadors for 500 employees and their wives. The crew entertained with song, greeted guests as they arrived and directed them to the various pirate games and activities (walk the plank, etc.), called guests to dinner with a conch shell, acted as MCs during the dinner period, performed table to table and helped run the treasure chest drawing. And to think they almost deported us before it all began (client forgot the proper work visas).

Mardi Gras Magic

The Pyrates were flown to Port Arthur, Texas to perform on-stage and entertain guests at this $150 a plate gala. The performance involved several rehearsals and the unique performing style of the group helped create an environment where guests could relax, participate and otherwise have a great time. The show was such a success that the local live television feed was extended by a half-hour to cover the antics of these pirates and wenches.

Commencement Bay Maritime Festival

The Pyrates supplied this two-day festival with an air of nautical history, posing for photos with the public, directing guests to various venues, entertaining the crowd, handing out trinkets and promotional items and service as ambassadors for the festival itself. The band also performed a one hour stage set on the second day of the festival.

Captain Morgan Rum Raid Promotions

For three years The Pyrates promoted Captain Morgan Rum through a series of rum raids on area establishments. The crewe performed impromptu song, interacted with guests, promoted the product, and handed out keys to the special treasure chest where guests had the chance to win themed promotional items if the key opened the chest.