Pyratical Artifacts

Through our travels over a lifetime, we've collected some fun pirate stuff. So, why not share it with the rest of you scurvy dogs.

Following is a collection of items, primarily from the Cutthroat Island auctions held over the last two years. More will follow as we catalog our valuables.

Click on any image to see an enlarged version.

A limited edition pewter sculpture, presented to Hurricane by one of his best friends and fans. Measures about 10" high. A real treasure.

This silkscreened and airbrushed canvas banner measures 9' x about 6'. Used in theaters to promote the movie. We haven't found many like it.

One of our favorite artifacts. This gentleman's jacket can be seen in the ballroom scene just behind Shaw as he's dancing. The costume is complementary to his, but with a duller design so it didn't distract from the foreground action.

Another early acquisition from the Hollywood CPR auction. One of the many soldier's costumes auctioned off (looks much better as a pirate coat, though).

One of the many pirate ensembles we picked up. A background extra piece, but we like the hat which looks century's old.

Another extra piece, with the same hat. The vest is unusual as the back side is a shorter than the front. The detail extends to actual vest pockets.

A close up of the hat, complete with feathers from some poor, sick bird. Actually, the features are from a feather duster of all things.

A child's outfit for Cabin Boy Parker. Something to grow into.

Several props found their way into the collection, including a canteen, powder horn and pouch.

One of the pistols. It is made of foam rubber and looks very good, even close up.